Little Italy Mercato

Hi world,

On Saturday, I visited Little Italy’s farmers’ market in San Diego with my beloved parents. While my mother frantically bought all the Romanesco broccoli that she could find, I began my weekly journey absorbing all the wonderful things that farmers’ markets offer.

Here’s a handsome picture of Romanesco broccoli that I found on Flickr for those confused souls out there:

Photo by Smabs Sputzer

Little Italy’s Mercato offers precious commodities like 100% fresh pressed unpasteurized pomegranate juice. No de-seeding, no perplexed process of how to even open a pomegranate. All you need to do is to gently twist open the cap and enjoy this Punicalagin-packed (a polyphenolic antioxidant) beverage.

I’m telling you, Snow White would not have been poisoned had she bitten into these irresistible organic Fuji apples. In fact, her prince would have probably popped up without having to go through a traumatic coma phase.

Daniel the Goat Cheese Man represents Nicolau Farms’ artisan chèvre that can perhaps redefine your life. With a mild creamy texture, the classic chèvre, in theory, can be mixed with anything that you’d like. I’m thinking chive and cilantro. When summer arrives, I’ll definitely pair it up with apricots or plouts.  Mmmmmmm, cheese.

Besides various flavors of chèvre, Nicolau Farms also has other goodies made with goat cheese, such as, Feta (!!!!?!?!?!?????!!!!), tomato/garlic ravioli, cheesecake (I personally believe that this should be a basic food group), and popsicles (I have tried the amazing balsamic strawberry goat cheese popsicle) in which they collaborate with a local popsicle shop, Viva Pops.

Of course I had to smother the chèvre on a slice of Rosemary & Olive bread from Bread and Cie.

This weekend, I had an ambition to make dark chocolate toffee with sea salt. So I talked to the salt guy about Himalayan pink sea salt, hoping that my toffee would miraculously tastes as good as the I’ll-sample-everything-but-I-can’t-afford-to-buy ones from Salty Sisters.

I left the market with a jar of Himalayan pink salt, a glorious loaf of bread, a container of great goat cheese, a pack of 25-hours old eggs, and lots of organic berries. If you ask me now, I think my life is pretty complete.

Soon enough, you’ll realize that Farmers’ market is the happiest place on earth, because every time you’re surrounded by fresh produce and friendly people, you wear a grin just like these smiley canines in a stroller.

Or you start to embody suaveness just this casual-chic infant who was so casually interacting with a snake.

Sweet dreams,


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